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Experience Fine Japanese Inspired Dishes and Sushi at Nove Restaurant

Nove Sushi Restaurant is easily home to the best sushi in Miami. Head chef Hiro Terada takes pride in his excellent creations that are unique to Nove Restaurant. You can order or take out from the best sushi restaurant in the city of Miami. We offer orders of classic rolls like the California or spicy tuna. However, we also have rolls made out of unique ingredients like duck or fried shrimp. Nove easily offers the best sushi in Miami for people who love this Japanese staple.

Find the Best Sushi Miami at Nove Restaurant

Our take out menu offers you the chance to enjoy great cuisine in the privacy of your own home. You can order all your favorite rolls and enjoy a great meal among friends. However, if you are hosting a larger party, then contact Nove for catering prices. We will be more than happy to discuss supplying a larger event with the best sushi that Miami has to offer.

Nove restaurant offers the Miami best sushi with a wide variety of rolls and dishes to choose from. You can also try one of the main dishes such as roasted duck, or succulent chicken. There is plenty for you to find when you choose Nove as your choice takeout restaurant. Why bother with other restaurants that claim to be the Miami best sushi when you know it is not true? Only Nove offers the best ingredients and craftsmanship in the city. We are continually at the top of locals and tourists lists when it comes to a night out for sushi. You will adore the way our rolls make your taste buds explode with delight. You can also dine in our restaurant surrounded by chic decor and a modern ambiance. The whole Nove experience is designed to make your night of sushi one you will not forget too soon.

If you are tired of ordering soggy rolls where the rice falls off, then look no further than Nove restaurant for the best sushi Miami. Check out the website for full menu details, prices, and contact information.