Downtown Miami Restaurants

Downtown Miami Restaurants / Restaurants in Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami Florida is more exciting now than ever before. Only the excitement now is centered around high rise condos and luxury apartments, upscale downtown Miami restaurants, cultural events and remodeled Bayside Marketplace. Miami is an international city with varied dining choices and who has welcomed the many sushi bistros, sushi bars and sushi restaurants that have become deliciously popular. Restaurants in downtown Miami now include their sushi family member, NoVe, with its renowned Chef Hiro Terada.

NoVe is a combination of wordsmithing, defined as North of Venetian, which aptly describes its great location. Amid the Venetian Causeway high rises and large commercial and luxury residential area, is NoVe. Its quality, fresh sushi menu fares, are what has made this great downtown popular sushi a lively gathering spot. Unlike other downtown Miami restaurants, NoVe ensures their customers that they will have a friendly and delectable dining experience. As one of the unique restaurants in downtown Miami, they also make sure that their customers know that it is a great service to provide the best in sushi dining and that it is a pleasure to serve them.

Their ambiance is not only perfect for the whole family, but it is only one of a select few dining experiences in downtown Miami restaurants, that is pet friendly. Family pets can sit along side their human family members, at outside umbrella stacked tables. NoVe provides little treats for your pet by offering them a water bowl and healthy biscuits. Their human family will be experiencing sushi creations that consists of multiple nigiri sushi assortments on spicy tuna rolls and much more.

Other great, fresh sushi tasting showcase menu options, include specialty rolls filled with tempura asparagus, various delicious sushi seafoods of tuna, salmon, yellow tail, eel and crab. Crowds love the spider tempura rolls and the Mexican deep fried shrimp fantasy. Popular sushi brand names are recreated in a special fashion by Chef Terada, such as the Dragon.

The mouthwatering Dragon involves tempura shrimp, avocado, asparagus with spicy mayo, sriracha and topped with eel sauce. NoVe’s menu options are award winning dishes, where sushi is a young crowd’s favorite dining experience. Its warm brick walls, teak brown comfortable seating and a bar which seats six cozily. NoVe’s other menu options are unlike any of the other restaurants in downtown Miami. NoVe definitely gives sushi lovers a new East meets West dining memory of Japanese and American contemporary cuisine options.