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The Nove Sushi Restaurant and Bar is part of the mary brickell village restaurants located in Miami, Florida. It is a brick building with wood tables and chairs and a small bar. In good weather you can eat outside on the large patio with palm trees and bring your dog. The dog is given a water bowl, biscuits, and space.

There is photos on the wall inside and it is elegant and stylish. The menu has a large selection of appetizers like calamari, vegetable dumplings, tuna or beef tataki, and salmon tartar Salads include kimchee spicy vegetables, seaweed salad, classic caesar and side salads. This is one of the unique mary brickell restaurants.

Entrees offer fish, chicken, steak, and burger. There are 10 oz to 20 ounce beef angus burgers with toasted rolls and french fries. The seafood includes blackened tuna with cajun spices, grilled salmon, garlic shrimp and chicken teriyaki. The 10 ounce grilled skirt steak comes with free dessert if you finish it all. Don’t miss this restaurant in the mary brickell village restaurants.

The restaurant serves fried rice dishes with many ingredients. Enjoy sushi, sashimi, and rolls. Chef Hiro Tereda’s Original rolls are a unique combinations of tastes that he created for this mary brickell restaurants. The Prescott is bacon, tempura shrimp, creme cheese and avocado on a roll. The slider is grilled skirt steak, swiss cheese, cheddar, pepper jack, avocado, mushrooms, scallions with garlic sauce on a roll. Other rolls include peking duck, filet mignon, and fried lobster. You will only find these creations at this mary brickell village restaurants.

Desserts are simple but elegant. The homemade crepe has carmel inside and is served with vanilla ice cream and flambeed at the table. The dark chocolate ecstasy cake is served with vanilla ice cream. Choose from flan, cheesecake, or vanilla or strawberry ice cream. Cheesecake tempura and strawberry ice cream tempura are deep fried desserts. This is a required stop at the mary brickwell village restaurants.

They serve regular and decaf coffee, espresso, cappucino, and tea. They have a full bar that serves imported and domestic beers, wine and alcoholic drinks. You can park on the street, garage, or use valet parking. Don’t forget to stop here when you go the mary brickell restaurants.