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Romantic Restaurants in Miami / Romantic Restaurants Miami

Nove Sushi Restaurant captures romantic crowd, delights diners

Although in Miami, the art of eating out has been taken to new heights, with many fine dining establishments vying for the attention of the public, there is one that stands above the rest in the minds of patrons looking for fine food, imaginative preparation, a pleasant ambience and a convenient location.

Of the many romantic restaurants in Miami, Nove Kitchen is in a class of its own. Opened in June 2011, the Sushi Restaurant quickly took its place as one of the best romantic restaurants Miami has to offer.

With an extensive menu featuring an imaginative array of traditional sushi and Japanese dishes, Nove also serves innovative and creative selections prepared by Chef Hiro Terada. It is this combination of old and new, traditional and unique, upscale and familiar that has secured this classy spot its ratings, not only as a dining and meeting spot, but as one of the most romantic restaurants Miami has.

The menu, with an emphasis on fresh and natural ingredients — from fish, of course, to the seasonings and sauces used to add unexpected zest and flavor — help to secure Nove’s ranking as one of the sought after romantic restaurants in Miami. Vegetarian diets are easily accommodated here as well.

This city is a perfect place for couples to explore, from its beaches to its entertainment venues, from its shopping to its culture; and Nove is situated conveniently to allow such exploration. In fact, its name is derived from its location;
North of the Venetian Causeway. Just a block away is the performing Arts Center and it is located at the hub of the historic residential and business center. It was 100 years ago, with the birth of the Venetian Causeway, that this area began to develop its character.

Today, romantic restaurants in Miami exist for all taste preferences and occasions. But this young star, with its variety of foods, its interior beauty, its clean-lined, contemporary decor, and its high level of individualized service, is reminiscent of all the fine romantic restaurants Miami has popularized throughout its history.

Just in case sushi is not your preference, the menu also offers fine fish and seafood, steaks and burgers, salads, fried rice, and elegant, tempting desserts.

Romantic Restaurants in Miami are not always easy to find. But Nove Restaurant will treat you like a King & Queen when looking for a Romantic Restaurant experience. Make Nove your Miami Romantic Restaurant of choice. Learn more.