Sushi Downtown Miami

Sushi Downtown Miami

When they’re hungry for sushi downtown Miami residents and visitors alike regularly head to Nove Sushi Restaurant. This attractive and spacious restaurant is very popular with both tourists and local residents. Portion sizes at Nove are ample and prices are quite reasonable.

A wide range of tasty meal-starters are available at Nove Sushi & Bar. Traditional appetizers such as shrimp cocktail, sauteed mushrooms and beef carpaccio are always fresh and plentiful in size. Some of the other tantalizing appetizers offered at this stylish eatery include salmon tartar, spicy edamame, beef tataki, seabass fritter and five varieties of ceviche.

Several cool and refreshing salads are on the menu at Nove Sushi Restaurant. These include classic Caesar salad, seaweed salad, side salad, kimchee and crunchy crab salad. The caesar salad served here is a local favorite and is available with add-ons such as grilled shrimp, grilled chicken, salt and pepper calamari and grilled skirt steak.

Hungry diners come from near and far to partake of the top-rate sushi that is regularly served at Nove Sushi & Bar. This is the sushi downtown Miami restaurant-goers really love. Sushi and sashimi assortments are available singly or in a combination thereof.

A large selection of inside out roll sushi is regularly provided at Nove Sushi & Bar. There are spicy yellowtail, spicy salmon and spicy white tuna rolls as well as avocado, shrimp tempura and other varieties available.

The broad spectrum of wonderful original rolls created by Nove Sushis’ talented chef include the Beef Eater which is made with filet mignon, peanuts and scallions, the tempura-fried Ventian, made with snow crab meat and avocado and the Peking Duck which features roasted duck meat paired with cream cheese and avocado.

Among the delicious main dishes served at this sushi downtown Miami restaurant are skirt steak teriyaki, roast duck, Chilean seabass, garlic shrimp, and blackened tuna. Delectable angus burgers, fried rice and a delightful chicken sandwich are also on the menu at Nove Sushi & Bar.

An assortment of decadent desserts such as dark chocolate ecstasy cake and homemade flan are offered at Nove as are a range of coffees and adult beverages.

For anyone seeking tasty high quality sushi and sashimi in the Miami area, they need to look no further than Nove Sushi & Bar.