Investment Tips for International Investors In Canada

Canadian real estate is open to both Canadian residents and internationals. Ideally, you can never say that anyone has the upper hand here. You will be surprised to have Canadian nationals who have made their fortunes abroad being treated as international investors when it comes to real estate. Nevertheless, Canada welcomes investors from all countries. Besides the 15% tax levied on the purchase price, there are no significant restrictions on what you can buy and the amounts you can spend here.


buying a home

Most lenders are also willing to finance home purchasing for non-residents. However, when it comes to financing, the rules do not change much either only that you will be required to make a more substantial down payment compared to the one paid by a Canadian. Most lenders have to verify your source of income and at the same time your creditworthiness.


Like with any investment, it is imperative to be prepared for taxes. Non-Canadian citizens are expected to pay at least 15% in closing taxes especially when buying properties around major cities like Toronto. You might be surprised to realize that both international investors are subject to the same land transfer taxes in an area like Toronto. You should also be prepared for tax implication when selling a property.


Nonresidents often have some challenges in obtaining insurance policies. This complicates the buying process considering that most lenders are often reluctant to offer a mortgage without insurance. Thus, if you are planning to invest in Toronto or anywhere in Canada, make sure to get an insurance quote before making a purchase.

Work With a Realtor

The services of a realtor are essential when it comes to finding the best real estate deals. If you are not conversant with the rules and nature of the Canadian real estate market, it is imperative to walk with someone who understands the intricacies of this market. If you need to do this while overseas, you need a realtor who is known to help absentee clients find the right deals.

Make an Offer

housing unitsThe last step to take when buying property involves making an offer. You can do this while still abroad thanks to technological advances that make signing documents and sending them via online platforms a breeze. At times, you might be required to sign the mortgage documents or avoid these altogether with the power of attorney.

The tips shared above confirm that investing in Canada is not as easy as it seems. With the right finances, you also need a decent real estate agent, and you are good to go.